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These Hills Are Ours (NMCD56)
This 48-page booklet and 8-song CD is Daniel Bye and Boff Whalley’s story of running in the English landscape. Running to escape the non-stop digital onslaught, running to celebrate those who gained us our freedom to run, running to find new adventures... and running to find yourself.
Big Society! (NMCD40)

Chumbawamba and Red Ladder - starring Phill Jupitus

  • Big Society!
  • Who's Running The Show?
  • The Man From The Double Standard
  • How's Your Father?
  • No-One Trusts A Copper Anymore
  • The Old School Tie
  • The Knives Are Out
  • Barry's Magic Song
  • The Same The Whole World Over
  • Oil!
  • Sometimes
  • We're Not In This Together
  • If It's A Sin, Count Me In
The Boy Bands Have Won (NMCD28)
  • When An Old Man Dies
  • Add Me
  • Words Can Save Us
  • Hull Or Hell
  • El Fusilado
  • Unpindownable
  • I Wish That They'd Sack Me
  • Word Bomber
  • All Fur Coat & No Knickers
  • Fine Line
  • Lord Bateman's Motorbike
  • A Fine Career
  • To A Little Radio
  • Right Around The World
  • Sing About Love
  • Bury Me Deep
  • You Watched Me Dance
  • Compliments Of Your Waitress
  • RIP RP
  • Charlie
  • The Ogre
  • Refugee
  • Same Old Same Old
  • Waiting For The Bus
  • What We Want
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