Commoners Choir

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Commoners Choir (NMCD49)
Commoners Choir is a rag bag assortment of ne’er-do-wells, misfits, and troublemaking cake eaters who have come together from all corners of the globe to sing harmonious insurrection, to rouse the rabble and to raise a smile or two. They are a singing newspaper: They sing about stuff that happens, stuff that should be happening, stuff that matters.

  • Commoners Go Trespassing
  • Angry Song
  • The Jeremy Hunt Rhyming Song
  • Citizen Shanty
  • Song For Woody
  • Robin Hood In reverse
  • Hope
  • Omnia Sunt Communia
  • Three Boats
  • Mechanical Movable Type
  • The People’s Armada
  • Song Made From Placard Slogans
  • Shelter Song
  • Great Big Hole
  • When They Go Low, We Go High
  • Bread or Blood (Ely & Littleport Riots)
  • The Have-Nots & The Haves
  • Boris Johnson
  • From Below
  • Bread & Beer (Castleford Riot)
  • Get Off Your Arse!
These Hills Are Ours (NMCD56)
This 48-page booklet and 8-song CD is Daniel Bye and Boff Whalley’s story of running in the English landscape. Running to escape the non-stop digital onslaught, running to celebrate those who gained us our freedom to run, running to find new adventures... and running to find yourself.
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