Jo Freya

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Meet (NMCD36)

Maalstroom and Jo Freya

  • Musicport
  • Rattling Roof Tiles
  • Everybody has a Tale
  • Thyroid Jig
  • Waltzing Up the Stairs
  • Green Grow the Rushes Oh
  • Song for Leon
  • No Better Friends
  • Braw Sailing
  • Gorges du Dailley
  • Closing of the Day
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Female Smuggler (NMCD29)
  • Female Smuggler
  • Different Shades Of Meaning
  • Lynedoch Place
  • Roses
  • A Thief Can Too
  • Chasing Water
  • Marvellous Companion
  • Bois Tortu
  • Little o
  • Edwin In The Lowlands Low
  • Josephine Butler
  • Claire Conners Dairy Diary
  • Oh America
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Lal (NMCD27)

Jo Freya's Lal Waterson project

  • Midnight Feast
  • Dazed
  • Wilson's Arms
  • Song For Thirza
  • Together
  • Long Vacation
  • The Bird
  • May Butterfly
  • Party Games
  • Flight of the Pelican
  • Some Old Salty
  • Bathtime
  • Foolish One
  • Stumbling On
  • Migrating Bird
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Get Well Soon (NMCD37)

Freya Abbott Ferguson

  • Real Men Can Wear Pink
  • Piper's Path
  • Betsy Walton
  • Bold William Brigg
  • Old Community
  • Mirrors
  • Cornwall
  • Glass House Mazurka
  • Entre le Boeuf / Food & Donkeys
  • Two Sisters
  • Dear God
  • My Life With Margarita
  • San Fran
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Hark Hark (NMCD43)

A seasonal frolic of an album and a festive feast to send you into Christmas with a feel good factor. A rich mixture of old and new with a firm foundation of traditional Yorkshire and Derbyshire carols.

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Narthen (NMCD52)
Narthen are Barry Coope and Lester Simpson (Coope Boyes and Simpson), Jo Freya (Blowzabella, Moirai) and Fi Fraser (PolkaWorks, The Old Fashioned). Previously renowned for their winter shows, the group decided that, like dogs, they weren’t just for Christmas, but wanted to be out and about throughout the year.
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