Jim Boyes

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Sensations of a Wound (NMCD44)

Bringing together Robert Boyes’ own first-hand accounts, Jim’s Boyes’ newly written and traditional songs and Belinda O’Hooley’s subtle, innovative piano accompaniments, Sensations of a Wound is an original and moving story of a Yorkshire soldier caught up in the enormity of the First War.

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Out' The Blue (NMCD1)
  • Bringing in the Sheaves
  • Dark in the Daylight
  • Down on the Dugout Floor
  • We Know What your Game is
  • Will I see your Face Again
  • The Pilot and the Bomb Aimer
  • Under a Stone
  • Carousel
  • Acres of Gladness
  • Caged Lions
  • Subtle Song
  • The Meadowhall Carol
  • The Goodnight Song
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